I see how much I’ve grown
I look at things differently
A new image looks back at me
Every time I catch a glimpse

Finally I am happy
I know who I am
I can go out on my own
I will do what I need to do

No longer am I dependant
No longer do I need you
Your promises mean nothing
Your words do not slice deep

I am my own woman
I live for myself
I am no one’s puppet
I live for everyday

There is no malice in these words
Tired resignation and final goodbyes
Those may be so, and you need it too
I simply have what I needed

You cannot blame me for your unhappiness
I was not the cause for all your sorrow
Life moves on around you and you hide away
Go out and claim your life, as I did mine

Now there is someone new
And I do not depend on him
He simply adds to my being
We make each other better

There is no sorrow or fights
There is no distance to overcome
There is happiness and joy
Unlike any either of us has ever felt

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