Day One

4 am.

Tomorrow I’m having tea with my elderly neighbours up the way. Sweet old folks. Wish I could afford to bring biscuits, but money’s tight and I’m quite sure they’re avoiding sweets on purpose. Honestly, if not for them, I’d give up on sleep. Nasty habit, impossible to impose, and if you skip a day or so you get terribly cranky.

I’ve decided to quit, cold turkey. I’m having the sort of day that makes me feel like I could make it, too.

That’s why I’m up with this shitty lipton tea. American stuff, comes in a little baggy with a string on the end, like a tampon. No loose leave around here, for one reason or another. Only black tea, too. Painful. Wouldn’t drink it if it didn’t keep me warm.

Damnit, I think I will give up sleep. Worthless thing takes up half the day! Not even any proper fun!

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