Diamonds in the Night: Work Now, Explain Later

Ezra’s voice was a torrent of different concerns. “Damnit, J. What in the holy hell are you up to? Was that an explosion? You’re not cleared for explosives- you’re not even supposed to have them after what happened in Rio.”

“Large men were pointing equally large guns at me-I had to improvise. Don’t worry, all the changes have been authorized.” Jacqueline mentally crossed her fingers. She hated lying to Ezra, it always made him so suspicious.

“I’m checking on that later. Where are you now?”

“Uh, gimme one second and I’ll be able to tell you.”

Thumbing the switch, the motor started ticking on the Rorschach as it reeled the line in and propelled her up the side of the building. She swung her legs up until she was half-walking, half-hopping, which was much better than being dragged along the rough exterior. She had already earned plenty of new scrapes and bruises on this mission.

Smoke streamed out of the impact zone in thick ribbons, carried into the night sky before her.

Jacqueline smiled. “Knock, knock.”

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