This is what he heard in the mind of the squid

“Gothagagal, Gungadeen, Opulent Aroshotohot, Spired Iradeen. Seven after six but then those four, iggled destrift by Fediyanyaha the Deep, Fediyanyaha the Shallow.

Fediyanyaha of escribed fanown, ere all the ink’s out and into the mursea, littless mursea, shohnno mursea. Bookblackened in the rivulwirls and girlygigs saweth the sailseraphs the signifiered anew!

And wroteth anew the bookadex of Fediyanyaha the Deep, Fediyanyaha the Shallow; sinister Dex, Dex the con! And in Dex were no lists, no abjadets, no lorderings and so into the mursea with that one too and riddance it’s gone and riddance me this, what now for where was Fediyanyaha the Deep, Fediyanyaha the Shallow?

Attacop attaboy, poor wiggle, voles and varmits all, gyring over the freshturned mearth, giggles and seedsprays all for meaklings and their inheritance. But what of inklings ere out of Fediyanyaha y’go?

Ere, to you and Jeniyanyaha Everyere."

Jenny slipped the tentacles off her face. “Thank goodness they explained all that!”

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