The Following Ficly Takes Place Between 4:00 AM and 5:00 AM

04:32:48 AM

Victor went in first. Jason spun around in time to see him tackle his father and wrestle him to the ground.

“Jason!” Gordon Reeves struggled against his assailant. “Shoot him!”

Jason raised his weapon and tried to line up his sights. It was difficult with Victor moving and his dad getting the way. Jason’s finger tensed over the trigger.

“Do it, son!”

And then Jason lowered the gun. Now Guillermo rushed in and hard checked Jason into the wall. Guillermo snatched the Sig Sauer away from him.

“Kid, if you’re gonna do something,” Guillermo said while checking the magazine, “Don’t hesitate. Just do it.”

Lightning quick, he raised the gun and pulled the trigger. The bullet ripped through Reeves’ right shoulder before lodging itself into Victor’s left.

“Pendejo!” Victor muttered before he and Reeves slumped to the floor. Jason ran and held his father.

The phone rang.

“What do you want from me?!” Guillermo shouted into the air. “They’re both still alive!”

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