Red Ruse

A color-wheel wasteland, the room was void of prismatic life. A white chair pushed under a white table with a white box sat in the center of a stark white room.

His chair squealed at the floor as he pulled it under him, raising the cover off the box as he sat. He knew that there before him were two colored buttons; one red, one green – he saw both in a yellow hue.

“Let’s try this again,” a voice echoed. “Do you see both buttons in front of you?”

Peter shook his head slowly up and down.

“Okay, good,” the voice said. “This time, whatever you do, don’t press the red one!”

Peter studied both buttons closely, searching for even the slightest clue of their true tint. The agony of his inability weighed heavily upon him as tears began to well in his eyes.

Then, light reflected off the water in the bottom eyelid of his right eye, and in that split second he saw the redden button on that side!

Quickly, he pushed the button on his left and a piercingly loud alarm began to sound.

The colorblind boy began to cry.

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