Gears of Weasley

“Look out, Marcus Fenix!” shouted Ron Weasley as a Locust Eater (like a Locust, but branded with the Dark Mark and possessing above-average magical talents, particularly when performing the Unforgivable Curses [excluding the Imperius Curse, as Locusts, being a hive mind, do not have a very strong will to impose on others])

Just in time Marcus ducked as Ron sent a stunning spell hurtling towards the Locust Eater. It knocked it back, but not out, as a Locust’s natural plate-armor has nearly the spell resistance of a class 2 dragon (Chinese Fireballs and Norwegian Ridgebacks)

“Good work, Weasley. And how’s the wife?”

Ron rolled his eyes. Hermione, not one to be distracted from studying, had spent most of her time since Emergence Day studying the Locust Horde for weakness to magic. The Locust were some sort of Magical Creature (though not found anywhere in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Ron had never had Harry’s ease with saying his real name) had seen them as allies.

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