Listen to me!

They wouldn’t listen.
Those damned political cowards.
The world needed to know: they were wrong.

He knew the correct answer.

First he had written a letter to the newspaper.
No response.
Well, perhaps the mayor didn’t always read the full newspaper. He was a busy man, after all. A copy of the letter, for the mayor’s convenience, was tacked to the office door.
Phone calls to his local MP’s, emails to the MPP’s, hundreds of snail-mail entreaties.

Listen! He screamed. I know the answer!
But they still wouldn’t listen.

Furious, he started an online petition, called friends, made posters, publicized. If they wouldn’t listen, he would come to them, with a demonstration, a mass of people.

He waited, to greet his followers. Gleefully waited behind balcony doors, wondering at the bliss of being listened to.

He swung open the doors, behind which were a multitude of listeners, people who saw and understood him, who thought what he had to say was important.

And was greeted by silence.

No person had come.

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