The Beginning

The sun was setting, tinging rooftops bloodred. A normal sunset, excepting the lack of noise and bustle. This was not a peaceful silence, as one would find in a natural setting.

No, this silence was akin to that of an empty surgical bay, anticipating bloody wounds and needles. This was the silence of a predator waiting to strike.

The city was holding its breath.

On one of the rooftops, a stairwell doorway burst open, and two figures sprinted from it. Tall humanoids, covered in glimmering armour-one black, smaller, and one white. They were armed with light pistols, toy-like in their oversized hands.

“How long do you think we have?” The darker one seemed out of breath, nervous, shaken.
“A minute, not more.” His voice was steadier, but a slight anxiety could still be sensed.

“You’re favoring your leg. Do you need me to cover you?”
“I will manage.”

The darker soldier steadied herself, took aim at the same doorway the pair had just exited. “Get ready.”

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