The Bathroom (of the Library)

As Elshanor stepped into the Library, the floor creaked with the same eerie noise the door had made.
Across from the portal there is a door that is out of place in the library. This door stands out with its clean and metallic look. Elshanor lingers at the doorway, hand slowly reaching towards the round handle. She tentatively turns the handle, and is greeted with the near blinding glow of industrial lighting.
The first thing she notices is the white light being reflected at her off the gleaming porcelain throne. The room sparkles with that same industrial glow that greeted her reflected off of its every surface. It is so unlike the previous room she has to stop and admire. The dust from the library is replace by a shine of cleanliness. A paperback copy of Les Miserables rests on the counter, beside the silver of the sink. Elshanor debates on taking the dog eared tome back into its rightful place, where she has just exited, but she is interrupted by that same creak of the double doors in the room behind her

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