The Envelope, Pt 7

“What’s your advice, Doctor?” Rainford asked, watching the man casually pull the bullet out of his shoulder.

“Stop being a jackass.”

“Yes, I was referring to being shot.”

“So was I.”

Gemi paced the bedroom floor. “Is he going to be okay, Dad?”

“Only if he follows my advice. Dammit, Bryce, hold still will ya? I might cut a new hole in you.”

Rainford winced. “Don’t call me by my first name.”

“What’s wrong with it? It was your father’s—”

“—Don’t call me by my first name.”

There was an uneasy pause. Gemi interrupted it.

“Who would have shot you?”

“Who wouldn’t shoot him?” the doctor asked.

“Mitzy is a good possibility,” Rainford replied, ignoring the remark. “She probably thought the gun shot sprinkles. Or rainbows.”

“Or she could be in contact with someone.”

“Geez, Bryce, who did you piss off downtown?”

Rainford thought for a moment. A very long moment.

“Whoever it is, we better find him before he finds me again.” Rainford looked to the doctor. “Because I really don’t like your company.”

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