Heebie Jeebies

Elshanor’s old fashioned pager went off. It was from the lab: S.O.S.
Now what?!
She finished her business in the bathroom off the library and decided against going back that way toward the ominous creaking. Climbing atop the counter, she removed a ceiling tile and hoisted herself over the edge.
This was the sideways room, so she ended up sliding down the wall. Unfortunately, she disrupted a meeting of the Hares In Charge of All Vegetation, whose giant, glaring red eyes gave her the heebie-jeebies. Curtsying low and backing towards the wooden door instead of the rabbit hole in the adjoining wall, which was much faster and preferable, she turned the knob behind her back and scurried out as quickly as possible.
She ran smack into a group of ladies and gentlemen in bright pink rubber gloves and long black rubber coats carrying baskets of toilet wands and spray bottles.
“Ah! Housekeeping! You’re early.”
“They won’t let us in!”
“Perhaps the library is better suited to your talents?”
“It’s really dusty.”

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