Introductions Are Hardly Necessary

“This is Acrylic and Fetus,” I gestured to them, “and we have come on an urgent mission.”
“Great Scott, Elsha! Bringing topsiders down here?! This could portend our absolute destruction at the hands of MegaCorp!”

Acrylic stepped forward, “That’s exactly why we must destroy Mephisto!”

“What do you know about Mephisto?” squinted Shortcut, the short round man on the end. I had to assume control before Acrylic got us all labeled as wackos.

“These two have been inside.” An audible gasp resounded as eyes widened.

“You mean to say.. that this.. this is the one who escaped??” C:\ stared in complete awe at Acrylic and his shiny head.

Daemon suddenly ripped open his shirt displaying his artificial chest made of clear polycarbonate. “Brother,” he said with finality. He was in and I hadn’t even explained the mission!
“And the young lady?” C:\ pressed.

“She..” I began, but Virus suddenly stood. “You’re the Bogey!”
Fetus didn’t bat an eye. “We’re going back in.”

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