Stepping Out

I wasn’t sure I could get out of the house in time. Mom had me babysitting in an effort to derail any plans I had of leaving while she was out at her tupperware party. I finally managed to hail a passing pre-teen girl who looked eager to help.

From the overpass we took Kyle’s car to the winding road out of town. No one spoke. The radio blared out some boy band songs we all hated and no one even moved to change it.

We took a dirt road for a couple miles. My heart thudded harder with every pothole. A rustic farm soon loomed into view. Carefully tended rows of dark leafy plants were visible in the moonlight. A cat gracefully ran toward a shed. Kyle turned off the engine and we took a moment to consider leaving the comfort of the car.

“Let’s do this.” Bryce grabbed the door handle and then next thing I knew he was knocking.

“Who’s there?” Her voice was strong.

“Uh.. we heard you cured people of uh.. things, mental things.” Kyle was not so eloquent now that he was barely controlling his knocking knees.

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