When You Care Enough to Exorcise

“You heard wrong,” commanded the woman.

“Kyle, she clearly wants us to leave her alone. Come on.” I begged. “That was just a legend.”

“No! You need serious help! She’s just bluffing!” Bryce took over with amazing assurance. He was always Kyle’s follower, so to hear him so passionate about my getting help almost brought me to tears. Why were my emotions so out of whack?

“Ma’am, we assure you, we mean no harm. We had heard this was where the one they call the Demon Whisperer lived. My friend Logan here needs to see her. But if you insist, we will leave.”

The doorknob turned and the door opened wide enough for an eye to look us over, the chain securely fastened so as to not let a body push in past her. We stepped back to give her a good look.

“You have good friends.” She shut the door and slid the chain open before reopening the door to us. “Come in. I have a few questions.”

Bryce elbowed Kyle in an ‘I told you so’ fashion and they allowed me to enter first.

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