A Posse-bility

The sun was setting on Boot Hill. Through the dust of a posse’s trail its amber glow faded; night was on the horizon. The hired men rode toward Tombstone, sent by Sheriff Shane to take The Nameless Man and bring him to justice however they saw fit. The consensus was that they’d take him tonight while he slept.

They tied their horses outside the Boarding House, entering real quiet like, as Deputy Rose motioned to Mrs. Fly with a gloved finger over his lips. The men removed their boots near the front door and ascended the stairs, careful to not make a sound. The door squeaked as Rose opened it, seeing Nameless stretched out half on the bed, half on the floor with a half-drunk bottle still in hand.

“Silly, foolish, ridiculous, stupid…” he mumbled with heavy breath.

“Gag ‘em,” said Deputy Penn, “sheesh, the guy curses in his sleep!”

“No Mama,” they heard The Nameless Man whimper, “I won’t be ugly, Mama. I won’t be silly no more. I promise Mama; I won’t be foolish or stupid, I promise. Please Mama, please!”

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