Myriad colours swam above me as what seemed like liquid dispersed into numerous fragments which floated like clouds. I had never seen anything like it. Rays of light poked through, coloured in crimson red which caused a tidal wave of light. I took a step forward, and my foot sank into the muddy path. I tried to pull myself back but it was futile. I bit my thumb hoping for some reassurance, but none came to me.
Without warning a voice came from the distance. It was a short laugh, one that sounded content. It was soothing and reassuring. Infront of me Two red eyes materialized. And i could feel them staring into my soul as they dug into it like a drill.

Suddenly the color left the world. Black smoke slithered into the sky extinguishing the light, the muddy path I was standing on turned to cobblestone and when I looked back up, I found myself looking at a dark gloomy corridor. Behind me was a set of stairs leading to an old wooden door. I turned around but stopped when a hand fell on my shoulder.

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