part iii: Heads and Tails

Stephen woke up to a flashing light and an accompanying click click click
“Hey stop doing that; you’ll scare him,” a woman said gently. The clicking stopped.
“He’s a Doe,” what sounded like a child said.
“Hand me the flashlight.”
Stephen saw a pale hand in front of his face. It held the coin he found earlier.
“Do you know who this belongs to?”
The light turned off.
“What are we going to do with him?” the child said. He sounded almost eager.
“Flip for it,” she said. Stephen heard a door open and shut.
“My name is Axel. What’s your name?” the child asked. Axel turned on the flashlight and held it under his chin, contorting his face into various not-scary scary faces.
Stephen could see the child’s face clearly now: curly orange-brown hair and brown eyes.
“Stephen,” he replied.
“Stephen,” Axel repeated, taking out a coin similar to the one he had found and holding it out. “Heads I put you back, Tails you die? Sound fair?”
Axel didn’t wait for an answer.

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