Hook, Line, and...

“Great Scott! You were the one who hacked into our systems?!” C:\’s face was one of shock. Had his hair not already been white.. “You are a mere child!”

Despite his expressive and loud personality, C:\ was a great leader, and he resumed control immediately after his ludicrous outburst. “Explain this mission.”

Acrylic stepped forward, “As you are very well aware, MEPHISTO is a search-and-destroy architecture devised to do two things: Eliminate those indebted to MegaCorp and eliminate those who wipe the slates clean. What you are very well NOT aware of is what they do with those they capture.”

Virus’s eyes narrowed, but all others grew wider as their interest was piqued.

“MegaCorp decerebates and removes the dentition of its victims. Using raw neural cortex matter and dental stem cells in harmony, they culture a supercomputer of unfathomable power.”

“How did you escape?” Daemon asked. The panel’s attention was entirely fixed on Acrylic.

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