That moment

The taste the taste,
of your luscious lips.
The wonderful passion,
of our loves first kiss.

Your beautiful hands,
joined with mine.
Pulling me close,
for our first time.

The whisper of your dress,
hitting the floor.
The sounds we make,
begging for more.

Pulling my shirt,
over my head.
Taking your hand,
leading you to the bed.

The grunting the screaming,
the calling for more.
Sensations the next morning,
muscels wonderfully sore.

A night of pleasures,
new and old.
A perfect night,
if i may be so bold.

Yet it doesn’t compare,
not even one bit.
To that moment we had,
as you stepped out of the lift.

The look on your face,
shinning like the sun.
My heart beating,
harder than it ever had done.

Rushing accross,
terminal C.
Moving so quickly,
Running home to me.

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