On Luck

“What do you think the world runs on Stephen?” Rinly said, weaving through the crowd.
“The world – the universe really, runs on Luck. Most of you Doe’s can get through most of the day on Habit, but Luck plays a huge part. Not tons of it on a daily basis, but just think about it. First: you need a massive amount of Luck just to get up in the morning on time. Then, not to miss your bus or subway. And the list goes on and on,” she continued.
Stephen nodded, trying to get his mind around it while trying to keep up with Rinly in the crowded marketplace.
Rinly stopped at one of the stalls and began examining a Collectible Coin. She held it up to the light and then presented it to him. He shrugged in agreement.
“And you what really bugs me? You Doe’s complete lack of faith in lucky charms. And not the cereal. Four leaf clovers and so on. I mean how much Luck do you really think one can fit in one of those? It’s probably just enough to get you out of bed.” She shook her head. “So little faith.”

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