From the Inside...

The air is empty.
No one’s been in this particular room for months. Locked from the inside, its prize is quite special. The only survivor of James Carver Syndrome, the pandemic that wiped out a quarter of the human race in 3 years.
He had been hidden here, 4 years ago. His purpose was special. His mission, unique.
Unite the world, and create the resistance.
What resistance? He had once asked.
He didn’t know.
The machines kept him alive. One by one, they turned off, as if they knew. It was time.
Right by his bed, his clothing and other personal effects.
He gained consciousness, and soon realized where he was. He dressed, taking his time, making sure everything was right. The key was in his pocket.
He opened the doors and saw a flurry of activity, it was, after all, a hospital. He walked among the madness, carefully making sure not to disturb the flow.
No one stopped him.No one knew him. The forgotten man was ready to reveal himself. To redeem himself.
The doors.
The exit.
New light at long last…

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