The Unseen's Arrival

There was a quiet pall about the street. The Unseen strode in silence, surrounded by a small army of guards, all clanking armor and softly jangling chains, and bated breath. Spears knocked at the cobblestone, and boots crunched in monotone unison.

At length they arrived at the house. The Unseen held up his hand and waited for the guards to form a perimeter around the house, allowing him in and keeping the onlookers out.

The inside was quieter than the street. Candles threw light around the walls, shape shifting in and out of strange forms, highlighting a woman’s wrinkled face where she sat in the center of the room.

She looked to the wall. “I know why you are here,” she said.

The Unseen said nothing.

She smiled. Underneath his mask, the Unseen bristled. “I know what you are,” she said.

He remained silent.

“I have seen the Unseen, and lo, it is a mighty secret,” she chuckled, starting to get up from her stool. The Unseen remained where he was. A hand inched downwards to his belt.

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