“The Unseen, are, in fact, seen. Every day. Every place. They are special…in no way.”

The eyes of his mask glew brighter for a second. There was a deadly atmosphere.

Suddenly she sprang up with a dagger and plunged it into his throat. She gasped, laughed, tears sliding down her face, and found a knife in her stomach. “I have won,” she said. The mask’s eyes dimmed.

“This is what you are,” she said, and with a last heave, tore his mask off. Blood was trickling out of his mouth, streaming down his front.

The Unseen sank to one knee, pulling her down with him, and they collapsed on the floor together. “We are equals, now, not only in death…but in…life,” she said.

And the two humans took their last glances at each other, inseparable, and the blood of the divine and the human mixed.

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