Diamonds in the Night: To Be Determined

It took a moment for her eyes to adjust, the only illumination was from outside and it was difficult to see through all the smoke. The room she found herself in was small. The explosion had rocked the shelves, rags and bottles lay on the floor. Bleach and cleaner spilled from jugs to mix in with the debris on the floor.

“Ezra, I’m in some sort of supply room. Hold on, I’ll take a better look around.”

“Just be careful, J. You know I don’t like it when you stray from the plan like this.” He sounded more upset than concerned, but Jacqueline could understand why.

“Oh, come on. Do you think I broke you out of the Metis Facility for your lectures? Just give me a second to get out of here.”

Jacqueline opened the door, only to be confronted with a familiar face.

“Tsk, tsk. My father won’t be pleased.”
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