On Luck (continued...)

“Woh, wait!” Stephen exclaimed.
Rinly looked at him, her eyes wide with surprise. “What? What’s wrong?”
“About what you were saying earlier, about Luck,” he replied, shifting his weight a little.
“Stephen,” she said slowly, “That was over an hour ago.”
Stephen chuckled nervously and smiled. “It took me a while to gather my thoughts.”
“Wow,” Rinly said, munching on some cheese while trying to balance all her buys on the rumbling train.
“I think you’ve got a good heart, Stephen,” she said suddenly. “But that doesn’t really mean anything,” she finished, her voice a little different.
She stood up. “Come on, it’s our stop.”
The train skidded to a stop. Everyone on the train tilted forward a bit and then swayed back into equilibrium.
Rinly stepped off the train and looked back. “Aren’t you going to get off?”
“Oh, right,” he said, leaping off the train just as the doors shut.
The train sped off.
“What were you saying about the Luck thing?” Rinly said as they waited for the next train.
“Oh, right!” he began.

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