I was a kindergarten teacher. My students were my love but I was always interested in so-called fantasy and magic. I noticed the change early one morning before school as I was sipping my coffee. I set the mug down to reach for my toast and the spoon rose in the air, stirred the brew twice and settled back down onto the saucer.

“That was strange wasn’t it Harry?” I murmured to my cat.

“Mreow,” he replied. But that wasn’t what I heard. A new age is coming and you need to prepare.

“Prepare for what? How? And why am I talking to you as if you could answer me?”

Because I can. You have always had the power of magic. You just didn’t realize it until now.

“This is crazy…I must be crazy. And now I am talking to myself,” I laughed but the fear was still there. “I am going crazy like old Mrs. Thorne.”

She isn’t crazy. She can help you learn to channel your powers.

I remembered her from my old neighborhood. The kids would dare each other to ring her bell on Halloween. Maybe I needed to ring it now.

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