The Sky Is Melting

“The sky is melting, the sky is melting…” As told by Chicken Little once upon a time. He was only looking for closure to his Gestalt Happy Meal. He was a little fryer that discovered the bandwagon wasn’t playing “Happy Days are Here Again”. Maybe he finally realized lemmings are just stupid furry little rodents that eat their own feces.

“The sky is melting, the sky is melting…”Yeah, in slivers of stories, huge canvases scribbled on and then scrutinized for the morsels. The bits and pieces, gems and stones, all raw hunks. If it feels right, it’s probably a lie. How do you go about compartmentalizing a Kraken?

“The sky is melting, the sky is melting…” His frantic running around would make more sense if his head was lopped off. Life’s all groove and no vinyl,

Take it on the chin like Rin Tin Tin
Go and fight like Errol Flynn
They’ve gone and melted the sky
‘Cause everyone’s on crack cocaine pie

There’s a new Renaissance called the Apocalypse, be there or be square Chicken Little.

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