part iv: Rinly

Rinly Strayer needed to get her Coin back; the more time she spent Downstairs, the higher the probability became that she would get caught.
Rinly loved the Downstairs. What she really loved was the paradox of it all. So much of the Downstairs, was so carefully planned out that the probability was practically 1, while at the same time so much of it was completely chaotic, the probabilities constantly changing. Furthermore, they had so much Luck lying around. It was a true shame that the Does’s never see it.
When she had returned to the station, that man had been placed in one of the benches. He looked asleep.
She approached him and waved her hand in front of his face, just for confirmation. Satisfied, she reached into his breast pocket.
Another good thing about the Doe’s: they are terribly oblivious.
The pocket was empty.
She stepped back in surprise, confused. It has to be there.
She turned to leave, but was stopped by someone grabbing her wrist.
“I don’t have your Coin,” the man said, suddenly awake.

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