part v

Rinly wriggled, trying to break free, but he was stronger than he looked.
“Someone else took it,” he continued.
Rinly didn’t bother listening; she knew how to get away.
“HELP! HELP!” she screamed. Everyone in the station turned to see an older man, grabbing onto a helpless, younger (now crying) girl.
The man immediately let her go.
“Ma’am, is everything okay?” a man in a uniform said, approaching the two of them.
“He…” Rinly replied, sniffling. That’s all she really needed to say.
“Sir–” the uniformed man began.
“Officer, she’s my sister.”
Rinly looked at him in surprise. They’ll never believe him
“She’s just a drama queen. Whenever she doesn’t get what she wants she just throws such a tantrum,” he continued. He looked straight at her and mouthed I know who has your coin.
“Ma’am, is this true?”
Rinly paused for a moment, staring back at the man and then looked to the officer, putting on her most charming smile.
“Yes; my deepest apologies officer.”

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