No Wooden Nickles

Well at least it was a real nickel, not a wooden one. Penny would wait no matter what. The canvas bag of indian head pennies and buffalo nickels he had used as a pillow last night was what they had both risked everything for, Penny would wait, he just knew it.

Penny’s mother, Susan B. Anthony had remarried the local gangster boss, “Two-bit” Barney and the two of them were going to cash in the bag of rare coins Penny’s grandfather had saved for her. The dastardly pair just wanted to get some ready paper currency. The notorious rapper Fiffy-cent would pay handsomely for the copper and silver coinage.

Jack Liberty would not let Penny Anthony’s hopes depreciate, together they would see her grandfather’s legacy to a safe place, preserving it for future generations. Susie B and Two-bit’s lackeys wouldn’t catch him as he slung the coins over his broad shoulder and hurried to the corner of First and Main. The only thing keeping him going now was the hopes of seeing Penny’s brave smile once again.

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