An Operant Condition

Camilla had pressed the green button every day until it became cold outside and all the people went away. Then Camilla went away.

Moses didn’t want to press the green button. They would ask him to push it and he would pretend he didn’t hear them. Sometimes he’d pick his nose instead! That was funny. But eventually, Moses pressed the green button. And then the yellow button and finally the red. Then Moses went away. I wonder where he went.

Frankie was so excited to push the buttons. She would press all of them right away like she had seen Moses do. I think maybe she missed Moses. I miss Moses, too.
It took Frankie a long time before she figured it out. Sometimes, when she messed up, people would laugh. But, she kept pushing them and now she’s gone. I wonder if she is with Moses.

Now they want me to push the green button. They say “Peter; green”. Lots of people watch me when we do this game. The tiny ones get very close to the glass. It makes me scared. I wish I knew where they were going to take me.

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