Diamonds in the Night: Hard to Handle

“Barbara!” Jacqueline gasped. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m doing what those stupid men upstairs were supposed to do- I’m killing you.” Before the words were out of her mouth, Barbara Keene was already kicking forward.

Jacqueline danced to the side, moving reflexively while her brain tried to cope with the surprise of Barbara being there. The kick still caught her in the shoulder but it had been meant for her head, so she counted that as a win. Pain flared making her grimace. Not waiting for the next kick, she stepped inside with a jab that was intended as a feint but landed anyway, and followed it with a one-handed grab for the back of Barbara’s head.

“I thought we had something.” Jacqueline said as they grappled with each other for control.

“Then you’re as stupid as you are slutty.” Barbara gasped as one of Jacqueline’s fists rebounded off her ribs.

“You used me!” Jacqueline accused.

“No more than you used me. You were trying to get to my dad through me- all we did is let you think you succeeded!”

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