Summer Magic

There’s a magic time that announces summer has arrived. It’s not the warmer weather or the ending of another school year. It’s not the embarking upon of a long awaited vacation or even the ding-a-ling of the neighborhood ice cream truck.

Summer arrives at a special, unannounced moment when the sun just begins to lower in the sky, the night starts to seep in and the air is humid and warm as breath. At this very moment all the scents on the evening breeze meld together in an ambrosia, like organic pheromones tantalizing the imagination that has lain dormant all the rest of the year.

This scent, this aromatic vapor invades the body like a succubus, seducing mundane thoughts into anticipated adventure and conjured fantasy. This scent plays and blends with the warm fertile earth and stirs together with the fresh sweet bloom of flowers, herbs and hidden honey combs.

It’s a sensation that hints you might have stayed dormant too long and spurs your curiosity with butterfly tingles in your stomach.

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