Tin Foil Hats

So lemme see if I’m gettin’ this, you say we’re from another planet, riiiight and our panspermia was deposited here like a discarded milky-way condom then umpty-billion years later we just sort of ‘became’ and now we’re terra-forming the planet into some techno-synth hellish nightmare world where there’s slaves and Ipods and soylent green-type food and we’re all controlled like zombies via government issued cellphones and we secretly rebel by living a virtual second life of psychopathic fantasy on the internet and never have to bathe, cook our own food or worry about unprotected sex ‘cause it’s all virtual, not real, spurious. Ooo k, sure.

Dude are you on crack? Listen to yourself. Does any of that sound sane to you? Snap out of it man, you’re losing your structural integrity. You’re wacked, smacked and jacked. You’ve been feedin’ your brain pan too much anime dude. PUT that cellphone down before I slap you. You can’t go out in public talkin’ this kinda crap. They’ll gag and bag you for sure.

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