Durkat the Necromancer gathered the rare spell components on his massive oak table.

How many years had it taken to gather this assortment of magical materials? How many back ally deals had he made? How many innocent lives have been thrown away in pursuit of this collection?

The spell he was planning to cast took an entire day to incant, and required the use of all of his collected ingredients in a specific and complicated order.

The unicorn’s horn had been particularly difficult to get. Durkat had killed the unicorn easilly enough, but the bone saw barely made a dent in the magically enchanted bones of the beast. 4 nights of sawing had finally separated horn from skull.

And the 40 pounds of fairy dust? Most ground up fairies supplied 2, maybe 3 ounces of the stuff on their own! Durkat wiped out the local forest’s population of the fey folk to get the required amount.

But it was worth it. The moment Durkat worked so hard for was finally here. He took a deep breath, and let it loose! “Bwa-HAHAHAH!”

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