“This,” C:\ declared, “is the War Room.”

“It’s a maintenance closet,” Shortcut interrupted.

“This,” C:\ reïterated, “is the War Room. Virus, the plans.”

Virus cleared off the table and opened the building plans onto it. “This, obviously, is the MegaCorp HQ building,” she stated. She pointed to an area underneath one of the basements. “We’ve had a slow grind going on at this point here—we’ve been meaning to break in for awhile ourselves—but it only gets a few millimeters per month. Any more and we trip the seismic sensors.”

Acrylic spoke. “At what time did you obtain these schematics?”

“Two years ago. Why?”

“Have you a writing implement?”

Virus proffered a pen, which Acrylic accepted. He commenced to modify the plans. “When Fetus and I acquired access into MegaCorp’s systems, we decided to prepare ourselves for an eventuality such as this.” He let the pen fall onto the paper. “As it happens, computers and computer programs are not the only things in which one can establish a backdoor.”

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