“What?” C:\ asked, incredulously voicing the question the rest of us were asking internally.

“The building schematics were in a relatively unprotected location among the MegaCorp internal network. There exists a section of the sewage removal system in the location I have added. When we enacted our sojourns into MegaCorp’s computer systems, I took the liberty of erasing a segment of the sewers from the official plans. In this wise, we were able to secure access to the main building in the case that we ever made designs to infiltrate it.”

“Won’t they have security in there?” asked Beghilos.

“They might,” Fetus responded in her customary monotone, “but we can deal with it.” She gestured at the black duffel bags.

“Why didn’t we see it?”

“When we installed the scraper, we went by the schematics,” Virus responded. “You think that if we saw some more tunnel, we’d check it out? It wasn’t worth the risk, thank you very much.”

“All right,” C:\ asked, “so now what do we do?”

“Here’s the plan,” I replied.

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