Chicago Chronicles Part 4

“Miss Radovich, if you do need anything…you know how to find me,” a thin voice hissed. The hideous form of Khalid then slipped back into the shadows and was gone. Not a moment too soon, Illyana thought to herself. The smell was overpowering.
She smiled as she thought about why she had been in a good mood in the first place. Two weeks of living in this city had culminated of the events of mere moments earlier. It was strange, in D.C., she was considered to be quite average when it came to the subtle art of politics, but she could manipulate circles around these locals. Two weeks to be crowned prince of Chicago. Marcus would be proud. Who doesn’t love a winner?
The resistance against her was weak, almost sad. The Kindred of this city were nothing but snivelers and charlatans. Except for that Diana woman. She had shown promise. Illyana decided to use. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her new office door.
“Come right in Diana. Tell me, what do you think about the city of Chicago?”

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