Plans, Guards, and Drones, Oh My!

Acrylic began to add a few x’s to the schematic as I explained. “Like all paranoid moguls, he has posted both a human and a drone at each entrance.”

“Too easy! We can drop them with sabretasers,” boasted one of the twins, either Scroll or Locke, I can never tell.

“No. We need them alive or their sensors will alert MegaCorp.” Acrylic explained.

“Great Scott, do they have biometric sensors too?!” C:\’s eyebrows crawled to his bald head.

“They have eyes everywhere. They are one big computer, constantly sweeping for viruses, able to lock down one part if infiltrated.” Fetus monotoned.

“So what do we do?” Virus prompted.

Fetus opened one of her implants. “We immobilize the drone with this.” She held up a forked implement. “Then reprogram it to act normal but shoot on our command, if need be.”

“What about the guard?” Scroll, or Locke, was bouncing on his toes. He licked his lips eagerly.

“We knock him out and strip him. Someone will have to play guard.”

“Oo, dress up!” giggled a lackey.

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