Plans for Distraction and Good Reception

“It happens to be more complicated than that.” Acrylic looked at the girl still giggling into Hard Drive’s feather boa. "His I.D. card can get us quickly and silently up to the first floor, but not beyond.

She perked up, “I.D.‘s? That’s my specialty baby! What kind do you need?”

“The I.D. cards for the next 20 floors have rotating codes, 17 digits long in 3 strings.”

“No problem, sugar!”

“But the desk clerks won’t let a group of rogues reach the elevator, so we need a distraction.” I added.

“Leave that to us!” chorused the other two lackeys.

Acrylic pursed his lips. “I am confident you two will sufficiently provide one. We will embark 2 at a time. Make it a long distraction.”

“So what’s next?” pressed Beghilos.

“By this time we will have left a few gifts behind, so no matter what happens, get higher or get out if you can.”

“If we get split up..” Scroll looked at Locke, or the other way around.

“You get earpieces, and Acrylic IS the router, so we will get great reception.” I reassured.

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