For many days, I have observed this “earth-like” planet. Much is similar to my world; grassy areas with trees but not many and not as green. The sky and ocean is similar, but not as blue. Creatures here look akin to the animals of my earth but like the vegetation, they are few.

The earth is alien.

The people are much like me; they walk like me – bipedal beings – putting one foot in front of the other, each with a small electronic device in their hands. They look down at them constantly, punching away at the keys. The cities here are in constant commotion, just as they are in my world. The droning hum of traffic, the shrilling beep of the car horns – but not a shout, never a shout.

The restaurants are as quiet as the libraries of my world. Families sit together, never looking up from their devices. Orders are placed and food is eaten without ever looking another person in the eye. You hear the rustling of the wait staff and the clanking of dishes, but not a voice, never a voice.

The people are alienated.

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