Chicago Chronicles Part 6

Illyana silently congratulated herself on retaining Diana. Smart, aggressive, and loyal were hard qualities to find in one package.
“Diana, I need you to fly to D.C., and meet with the Prince there,”
Illyana waved her dismissively.
“You’re the only person in this city who I trust and respect,” Illyana saw a look of pride wash over Diana’s ebony face. “If I go, the power vacuum in this city will call out to every enemy we have, and I’ll return to a mountain of ashes. Also, I’ve been petitioning Marcus for weeks now, telling him our situation is dangerous and hostile. Were I to arrive my complaints would seem like excuses. No, you need to be my voice. Marcus will come to me eventually, but the bastard is going to hold out for as much as he can, and I don’t have the capital to meet his price right now. Don’t accept any deals. Your jet leaves in one hour,”
“Yes my Prince,”
Illyana put her boots up on the mahogany desk. Yes, Diana was a good choice. Still, can you really trust anyone…?

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