The Following Ficly Takes Place Between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM

06:54:11 AM

Jason watched helplessly as the thugs dragged his father to a workstation and made him log in. The opening bell had already rung in New York and the plan was to have him sell off his positions and transfer the proceeds to an account in the Caymans.

At least that’s what they had all been told.

Jason was furious with himself. Why couldn’t he do something? Why wasn’t he stronger? Why couldn’t he think of an escape plan? Why wasn’t he Jack Bauer? It was all Jason could do to keep from crying again.

Wiping an insistent tear away, Jason looked up. Randall’s face was in the window behind the workstation. Somehow Randall had found him!

Randall pointed at his eyes, then pointed at Guillermo’s back.

Jason held up four fingers.

Marcos noticed Jason’s fidgeting and turned to see what had gotten him all hot and bothered.

But Randall was already gone.

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