Last Contact

Sweetly smiling, Daniella cradled her lover’s head in her hands.

“Korin, you can finish, I’m done, I’m done!” Her wide smile, her sweat, her pink cheeks all attested to this. The sex was quickly turning from wonderful to somewhat painful and dry.

“Then finish!” He laughed, somewhat crazily. Daniella met him twenty years after first contact. They were the first inter-species mating pair. She began to feel a wetness inside her, and an uncomfortable tug.

“I have! I’m done! Get OFF!” She was scared now, so scared, and so she raised her feet and pushed him away. She pushed hard, and there was a rip.

“Korin?” Daniella asked, horrified.

Korin stood across the room, spilling his livers and intestine out through the hole where his penis once was. He fell to the ground, bleeding out, looking satisfied.

There was no more tugging, but there was still uncomfortable thrusting, rubbing her insides raw.

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