Chicago Chronicles Part 9

“That self indulgent little cunt!” Illyana stormed around her office, on the verge of frenzy. “Do you have any idea how many times I’ve sacrificed for him? And he has the audacity to ask me to loan his shell company twenty million dollars before he…what were his words again?”
“Er…before he ‘considers a personal appearance’ my Prince,” Diana was scared, but inside she shared her Prince’s rage. The idea of someone just dismissing her, even the Prince of another city, while she was on the verge of becoming a valuable asset to the Camarilla seemed infuriating.
“Alright, okay,” Illyana let the hostility wash out of her with each breath until she was a statue once more. “Authorize the loan, use weapons company. The media is to see the merger as a strengthening of both companies, and the Wall Street Journal needs to be kept in line on this one,”
Diana nodded, mentally noting and planning the operations as her liege commanded.

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