Chicago Chronicles Part 10

“The Caves”, as they were known on Campus, were a series of pits, alcoves, and hideaways which ran along the river and were used for parties and hooking up. Elimelech was reminded of the region along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. The places to hide were so numerous that one could remain hidden forever. This was ideal, as once his ‘snacks’ turned up missing, the investigation would be fierce indeed. No community in all of the centuries of his memory would tolerate seven dead children.
Worse, even though the blood of these had been necessary, Elimelech knew no respite from his hunger. He needed vampire blood.
Through the ages, Elimelech had developed deep connections within powerful criminal elements around the globe. Reaching out mentally, he made sure that the ones with real power knew that he was back, and that he was willing to accept contracts on kindred for a price that was far below market value. He waited then, for word to reach him by whatever form it would take. His hunger would be sated.

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