The Seven Against Oblivion

“They said I was the world’s greatest hero. I had no idea how little that meant until I left my world behind. We came together from countless worlds to fight it. But we lost and everything was torn apart. Somehow I survived and wound up here, in this weird pseudo-universe made of bits and pieces of destroyed worlds. I was the only one. You led us into battle and promised us we could destroy it, and you lied. You had millions of heroes then, and now all you have is a spy, an archaeologist, a bounty hunter, a teenage wizard, and a vampire. Why should I trust you again?”

Jenny Everywhere’s eyes were full of tears, but her gaze was still fixed and determined. “You’re right. I did fail you. Every time it’s manifested I’ve tried to stop it and failed. But that means I know every single way that doesn’t work. All I have to do is keep trying something different, and someday I’ll come up with one that does. And one day someone, somewhere will be able to stop it. Maybe it’ll be us. Now who wants to hear the plan?”

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