Poor Ela

The walls turned a dark grey, as the color was sucked out of the world.
Ela squeezed her bed frame. She was not about to have another one of “those” again.
“Ela, you silly girl. You can’t hide from me.”
Ella lifted up her head to see Pia smiling at her. They were in a cafe in Paris. The same one her parents had taken her to when she was young.
“Ela, won’t you speak with me?”
“I can’t!” she shouted as she ran out the cafe. The cold streets underneath her feet began to turn to mush as she continued to run.
“Nooo!” Ela screamed as she was sucked into the road.
She fell into an eery lake, the cold water stinging her eyes.
“My poor Ela,” said Pia as she paddled her boat towards Ela.
“No, I can’t!” screamed Ela as she swam the opposite way.
The waves of the lake grew stronger and quickly turned into a swarm of decaying flesh. Corpses lay everywhere, as Ela tried to push her way away from Pia.

“Another episode?” asked Dr. Rony as he watched Ela scream herself to sleep.
The nurse maid nodded. “I’m afraid it is.”

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