Becoming Sophia (74)

The boys stared at me in a way I’d never experienced. The last time I’d been decked out like this, I was too young to attract such glances. Vain as it may have been, I quite liked being admired. Jordan cleared his throat to break the silence and the twins repositioned their gazes immediately towards my face.

“You’re every bit as beautiful as your mother was,” Jordan said kindly. I beamed and thanked him. Georgette came in to tell us the carriage was ready and began to lead me away, but I held back, staring at Jared.

“You’re going to have fun tonight,” he said, somewhat glumly.

“Will I see you after tonight?” I asked quietly.

“Of course you will,” he said seriously. “I…I will send for you.” I wanted to be so happy at that, knowing that Jared wanted to court me formally—like a nobleman… but he would send his messages to my house and I knew he would never receive an answer. I would never go back to that house. Still, I hid my sadness and kissed his cheek politely. “I’ll miss you,” I whispered secretly.

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